Friday, May 23, 2014

It's the simple things

We have a washer and a dryer. In our house.

It is simply wonderful! I haven't even washed any clothes in them yet, and I'm already in love with them! Does having feelings for clothe-cleaning machines seem silly? Well, if so, then I know you've never had to use a laundromat. You've never had to plan out your wardrobe for the week to ensure that you have the needed attire for a specific event before taking a trip to that laundromat. You've never had to wrap your dogs bed in several layers of plastic bags to keep any smell of urine from seeping out before you have a chance to venture to the west side of town to wash it. You never had the privilege of carting all of your baskets down the stairs and out to the car knowing that whatever you do, no matter how deep you bury them, a pair of your panties are just destined to fall out on the sidewalk as strangers walk by. You've never had to set aside three hours in your week just to do a few loads of laundry. 

That is what we have been doing for the last year or so. Now, I know, that I am not the only one who has lived like this. So those of you who understand, celebrate with me! For those of you who don't, just smile and pretend like you know what I'm talking about. 

So, let me restate that. 

We have a washer and a dryer. IN OUR HOUSE! 

Where I can use them. WHENEVER I WANT! 

It is pretty amazing. ((and a total blessing!!!))

Monday, May 12, 2014

Taking big steps

Phew! So, it has been a busy two weeks - sorry not to update you sooner, but ya know, we had quite a bit going on. I'll give you a quick run down. Let's see, we started by packing up all our belongings into our cars. This task was much more stressful than I originally thought it would be, but thankfully we found out we had an extra day to move, so our families were able to help us pack up and move out. Essentially we packed everything up and moved it out on Thursday night with the exception of some essentials. Then Adam and I woke up bright and early on Friday morning (5:30am!) to vacuum and wipe everything down before we locked up and turned in the keys by 7am.

Next on the agenda was running the truck and trailer over to my parent's hotel, where I would get ready for graduation. Meanwhile, Adam dropped Buck off at a friend's house then went to save everyone seats for the big event. I was able to do my hair in record time (curling my hair is no simple task - if you know of any easier way, help a sister out!) then speed on down the road to line up with 500+ other kids. We filed in with all the necessary pomp and circumstance and did the whole ceremony thing. My whole goal that day was to not fall/trip/make a fool of myself in any way. So, I smiled, walked *gently,* shook the (ex)President's hand, and sat back down.

 Side note here, in case you didn't know: I attended Central Bible College, which merged with Evangel University last fall. So while I was attending Evangel's graduation, I actually graduated from Central Bible College. Therefore, I shook CBC's last President's hand rather than Evangel's. Make sense? 

Anyway, graduation wasn't too bad. It was actually shorter than I thought it would be - props to the guy calling all the names and his incredible pace, nice job! And some of those names were not easy. Of course we celebrated afterward. Did I mention that not only did my parents come, but also my grandmother as well as Adam's parents, brother, and grandparents. I am truly blessed with wonderfully supportive family who are willing to drive/fly nearly half way across the country to watch me walk across a stage. They are pretty stinkin' awesome!

Okay, so we packed, then I graduated. Next step in our crazy weekend was moving to South Dakota. My mom was actually able to drive up there with us, which was a total blessing considering I did not want to drive 10 hours by myself. So we left Springfield on Sunday morning around 8:30am which put us in Watertown by 7ish. When we arrived, we had a great crew of people there to help us unload all of our stuff. Seriously, I think it took us maybe 20-30 minutes tops to unload everything that took us two days to pack. We spent Monday unpacking and setting up our new home, then had our first day at the church on Tuesday. So far, we have loved every minute of it! We are truly blessed to be here! We haven't seen the sun much since arriving, but everyone promises that it will show up sooner or later :) Well, that's my update. Of course, a lot more happened in between everything, but I just don't feel like writing anymore, and you probably don't feel like reading anymore anyway. Now enjoy more pictures.

Yes, that is my grandmother shooting an AR-15.