Thursday, June 18, 2015

From where I stand | Vol. 2

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The calendar is full.
The to do list goes on and on.
The days speed by and the lists only get longer.
I'm a little anxious and a whole lot forgetful.

It seems overwhelming.

And yet, I know I'll make it through.
The burdens that seem so heavy are not only my own.
I'm surrounded by a wonderful team, and I am uplifted by a wonderful God.
I'm a little comforted and a whole lot encouraged.

It's not so overwhelming after all.

So, I'll continue moving forward, checking off the lists.
Victory and freedom are mine for the taking,
so I'll grasp hold of them tightly
and never let go of the God who makes it all possible.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Adventures | Palisades State Park

Last weekend Adam and I took a quick trip to Palisades State Park. I've been wanting to share some pictures, but I came home with a nasty little cold that's been kicking my butt all week. So this post has been a bit postponed. 

We didn't do too much, just a little bit of hiking and whole lot of sitting by the campfire. I really forgot how much I love the sound of leaves rustling in the wind with a river running by. So relaxing. For any of you who don't know, South Dakota is quite beautiful. 

We also stopped by Devil's Gulch to check out the canyon Jesse James jumped to outrun the law. I think he could have done it. 

So hopping back to a week ago, here we are. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Currently // v.4

A Waking Adventure
Playing // Ultimate frisbee each week - It's counting toward my goal of exercise but three hours of running up and down a field might just kill me. At least it's fun (sorta).

Going // Camping this weekend at Palisades State Park! I'm looking forward to some adventuring, hiking, picture taking, biking, river swimming, hammocking, and some great uninterrupted conversations with my husband by the campfire.

Wearing // My chacos. Everyday. Even in all the chill and rain. Maybe it's my way of trying to convince South Dakota that it is now summer time? Bring on the warm sunny days! Please!

Sipping // Lots and lots of water. Basically because every time I drink something else I get a headache. Anyone know what's up with that? So yeah, just water.

Reading // Building a Discipling Culture. It's the best book on discipleship I have ever read...and I've read a few. But really, pick it up and give it a read. It is so challenging!

What are you up to? Have any summer plans?

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Here's to three years

A Waking Adventure
He's always been the pursuer, the risk-taker. He was the one to say, "hey, I like you." Plain and simple. He's always been the unashamedly honest one.

Me? I'm the hesitater. The one who blushes and quietly refuses to like him back.

But there he is again. The forever jokester, making me laugh and offering me car rides. The deep thinker, taking me out for coffee just to sit and talk about Jesus and our dreams.

Okay, maybe I like him a little. But there I am again, the one who says, "yeah, but should we really start dating two weeks before we graduate high school?" Forever lost in the details. Caught up in the what-ifs,, thinking it will never work.

But just knowing him makes me want to risk it, to give it a try, to go all in.
"Let's be adventurers," he says. Okay!

Each day he makes me fall more in love with him. Before the end of the summer, I am saying words I never expected, "I love you." Naturally. Gracefully. This hesitater didn't pause. I didn't need to analyze every little detail, I knew.

He's the dreamer, a true visionary. He's always two steps ahead of me, but he's also patient. He's willing to wait, offer me his hand and help me catch up.

He says, "I want to marry you."

And I'm back to day one. Hesitating. Blushing. Refusing.

But there he is, pursuing. Dreaming for both of us. Answering all my unasked questions. Loving me through it all. Forgiving me for my lack of vision. Giving me time to catch up.

Just knowing him makes me want to risk it, to give it a try, to go all in.
"Let's get married," he says. Okay!

And each day he has continued to make me fall more and more in love with him. He continues to be my pursuer. He continues to dream for two. And he continues to be two steps ahead but helping me all along the way.

I am so blessed to call him husband.

Adam, I love you. Thank you for loving me and never giving up on me.
Here's to three years, babe.

Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals

A Waking Adventure

Sunny days, dog walks, gardening, bike riding, ice cream eating, swimming, beach days, camping trips, barbecue, traveling, grilling, and bon fires. June is a great time of year.

I'm already looking forward to evenings spent in my backyard and weekend adventures.

Adam and I have an anniversary camping trip planned for next weekend and I cannot wait!

I've also got some goals on my mind for this wonderful month.

  • Say "hello" to one new person each day. God's been continually stirring my heart lately about entering into community here, where I am. He's been challenging me in so many ways to step out of where I'm comfortable and to really begin to bring His love to those around me. Saturday I was listening to the Around the Table podcast and they were talking about things we should say more often. Saying "hello" was one. And I thought that would be an excellent way to begin to intentionally step into my community. Given my shy, introverted nature this will certainly be a challenge, but I'm really looking forward to it! And hey, listen to the podcast - it's excellent!

  • Invite friends or students over at least one night each week for the purpose of sharing our lives. This goals stems from the same reasoning as the last. I really want to make a habit of being purposeful in building community with the people I surround myself with. I don't want my life to be hidden or secret, I want to intentionally share it. I want my home to be a place where others can find peace, insight, and most of all, God's love. 

  • Plan at least five meals each week. This has been a goal before and will continue to be. I want to eat healthier and more consistently. 

  • Work out three times a week. Even if it just means riding my bike around town, I need to get out and be more active. And I'll probably count our weekly game of ultimate frisbee as a workout session - so. much. running. 

What are you planning for June? Have any goals set?