Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Here's to three years

A Waking Adventure
He's always been the pursuer, the risk-taker. He was the one to say, "hey, I like you." Plain and simple. He's always been the unashamedly honest one.

Me? I'm the hesitater. The one who blushes and quietly refuses to like him back.

But there he is again. The forever jokester, making me laugh and offering me car rides. The deep thinker, taking me out for coffee just to sit and talk about Jesus and our dreams.

Okay, maybe I like him a little. But there I am again, the one who says, "yeah, but should we really start dating two weeks before we graduate high school?" Forever lost in the details. Caught up in the what-ifs,, thinking it will never work.

But just knowing him makes me want to risk it, to give it a try, to go all in.
"Let's be adventurers," he says. Okay!

Each day he makes me fall more in love with him. Before the end of the summer, I am saying words I never expected, "I love you." Naturally. Gracefully. This hesitater didn't pause. I didn't need to analyze every little detail, I knew.

He's the dreamer, a true visionary. He's always two steps ahead of me, but he's also patient. He's willing to wait, offer me his hand and help me catch up.

He says, "I want to marry you."

And I'm back to day one. Hesitating. Blushing. Refusing.

But there he is, pursuing. Dreaming for both of us. Answering all my unasked questions. Loving me through it all. Forgiving me for my lack of vision. Giving me time to catch up.

Just knowing him makes me want to risk it, to give it a try, to go all in.
"Let's get married," he says. Okay!

And each day he has continued to make me fall more and more in love with him. He continues to be my pursuer. He continues to dream for two. And he continues to be two steps ahead but helping me all along the way.

I am so blessed to call him husband.

Adam, I love you. Thank you for loving me and never giving up on me.
Here's to three years, babe.

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