Monday, September 22, 2014


Today has been rather productive. I guess that can happen when you wake up at a decent hour on your day off. By the way, have I ever mentioned that I love Mondays? You see, on Mondays, our church staff takes the day off. So Mondays are pretty great around the Ridgeway household! Especially after the last few days. We stayed pretty busy in the youth department this week. Yesterday we had the first annual Lip Sync Battle with our middle school students - which was a total blast. Seriously, I laughed so hard that I cried - several times! We had some work cut out for us prepping everything for that event, but it was so worth every minute! Hopefully Adam can get a recap video done soon so we can show everyone some highlights. These kids did so good, and I'm pretty sure they had just as much fun as we did. Have I mentioned that I love those kiddos? They are just the best.

Core68's Lip Sync Battle

Anyway, back to my productivity. We woke up pretty early this morning (for us...really 6:30 isn't that early) and headed over to the Christian school. We have some friends that teach there, and they invited me to speak in their chapel services today and I had a great time. I especially loved watching the little ones. These little first graders came into the chapel as Rend Collective's Let Your Kingdom Come was playing. They immediately started bouncing around and singing as loud as they could. Some raised their hands and just praised Jesus the best they knew how. It was absolutely adorable. Isn't that amazing, how such young kids can get so excited about Jesus!? Why don't I praise Him like that? It was beautiful and humbling. So, thanks kids, you thought I was there to teach you, but really you had some lessons to teach me too!

After two chapel services we headed back home and did some resting. We chilled on the couch and finished off the last season of The Office. Yes, I am counting that as something productive. How often do you finish a whole TV series? What I'm not going to tell you is how quickly (or slowly - don't judge) we achieved that great feat. I did some recipe planning - now I just have to do the shopping portion of that chore, but that might wait till tomorrow. I also scheduled some consultation appointments for lasik eye surgery. Okay, again, don't judge, I am indecisive and will pick where I'll be going by the end of the week. And I finally put some loads of laundry into the washer. Quick honesty talk, I am THE WORST at doing laundry. It's not that I hate it, I just forget about it. Adam just gives me those not so gentle reminders of "hey, I'm out of underwear..." or t-shirts...or pants. My poor husband puts up with so much from me.

So now, here I am. Rambling to the world about my productive day. Well, probably not to the world considering that only about 3 people will read this - my mom (I love you!), my dear friend Heather because she promised to, and that one random person who accidentally entered the wrong web address (hey there fella, hope you enjoyed it!).

My future plans for the rest of my Monday include

  • finishing up a this great book
  • finishing all the loads of laundry (I think I have two more)
  • making dinner
  • and making signs for the upcoming Pure 5K.  

Oh and here is a shameless plug. If you are in or around Watertown, SD, Family Worship Center is hosting the Pure 5K on October 5th. It is to raise support and awareness to stop human trafficking here in the state of South Dakota. So if you live nearby, register at and join us as we run/walk to pierce the evil of human trafficking.

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