Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Once Was Blind...

I have had 20/20 vision for a week. That is seven full days that I have not needed glasses or contacts in order to see the world around me. And it has simply been AMAZING!

As a gift from my parents, I was able to get lasik eye surgery last Thursday morning, and I can say it has been life changing. In different ways, I am still trying to adjust to it. I still find myself reflexively reaching for my glasses in the morning, or having that last minute thought to take my contacts out at night. But I don't need to anymore, I am glasses and contacts free!

It was way less scary then you'd think it would be, and I didn't experience hardly any pain. Maybe some slight discomfort later in the day, but overall it was pretty much painless. My eyes are a little bit more sensitive to the light, but I expected that. Plus we've been bombarded by snow up here in South Dakota, so everything is a little bit brighter than usual. I've had two great post-op appointments, so now I just get to enjoy my new eye sight! The only two negatives I can think to mention are the silly looking goggles I get to wear to bed for a little while longer, and the slight insecurity I feel walking out of the house with no eye makeup on. But those are both pretty small things in comparison to the fact that I can now see.

If you've ever considered getting lasik done, I'd highly recommended it. It's pretty sweet! I can even recommend a pretty great doctor :)

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