Thursday, January 29, 2015

Year 23

Lord, thank you for these past years.
Thank you for all of it, I wouldn't trade a day.
Thank you for each small lesson and the occasional 2x4 to the head (when needed.)
Thank you for the infinite number of blessings and ALL the joy!
Thank you for each person that has touched my life and for all the wonderful memories.
Thank you for this past year and all it held; 22 was pretty great!
Thank you for the many changes and transitions and 
for leading me step by step through each new phase.
Thank you for all the grace you've offered me, and the love you've shown me.
Thank you for the overwhelming peace and the constant comfort you provide.
Thank you for all you've taught me and for continually drawing me to yourself.
Thank you for 23 years.
May this next year exceed the previous.
I pray that I would go deeper and be braver.
Lord that you would challenge and inspire me each and every day,
that I would know and be known by you.
Lord, may year 23 be dedicated to You.
Thank you for year 23.
~ Amen 

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