Thursday, January 21, 2016

Professing my love for winter

I love snow. And winter.

Living in South Dakota, you wouldn't think I would, but I really do. I love the super, ridiculously cold temperatures (we're talking -30s here people) and the frost that coats my windows from November through May. I adore the ice covered tree limbs that make the world look like the inside of a snow globe. I always step outside to listen to the quiet, muffled hum of snow falling at night. I love to bundle up in my scarves, huge mittens, and fuzzy earmuffs. And seat heaters. Oh, how I looooovvvveeee seat heaters.

Just everything about winter - I love it all. Even the cold.

But my favorite is the snow. This is my view today and it just makes me giddy.

I'm still waiting on my promised blizzard though. SD is supposed to have some good ones, but I have yet to experience it. I just want to get stuck in my house for a few days - is that too much to ask for!?

I'm praying that it'll happen soon enough. I am a tad bit jealous of my folks though. The DC area is prepping for a doozy of a storm tomorrow. I kinda wish I were home with them to enjoy it :)

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