Thursday, March 2, 2017

A chilly dilemma

We've all been enjoying this not-so-wintry weather recently, right? 70+ degrees in February - I'll take it. But here's my dilemma with this whole springtime-weather-in-winter thing: I'm not prepared for it.

You see, I have two jackets: a knee length winter parka and a well used fleece. In the mornings I am faced with a critical decision. Do I skip the parka even though it is currently 25 and windy or do I wear my wonderfully warm puffer and look ridiculous this afternoon when it is somewhere around 60? Freeze now or look silly later? Now, you might be thinking, "Simple solution, just don't wear the parka in the afternoon." Sure. That's an option. But, it's still windy (alas, I'm still cold). And I always have my hands full coming home from school, so it just makes walking across the parking lot that much more difficult. I know, complain, complain.

I was just ignoring the problem. Who cares if I look ridiculous, I'm warm. However, yesterday I did feel rather foolish as I was walking across the Walmart parking lot, my parka swishing in the wind, next to a girl in a tank top. Picture that please. One gal in a big, puffy, fur-lined hooded parka and another in a tank top walking into Walmart side by side. I may have been laughing not so silently to myself. That chick probably thought I was crazy. Well, I am the one wearing the parka after all.

Why do I tell you this? Simply because I found a good bit of humor in it.

And now I am determined to find an acceptable springtime/in-betweener jacket to wear on days like today. Goals, I tell you. Goals.

Side Note: I'm still hoping to get one good dump of snow before winter is gone. Anyone with me?

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