Friday, April 7, 2017

Conversations from the Classroom

Welcome to Conversations from the Classroom where I share some of the hilarious tidbits from my students. Today's conversation comes from an 8th grade boy who is intent on "figuring me out."

After watching me flip some popsicle sticks to go "the right way" in their jar. [Each popsicle stick holds a name and I use these to call on students at random - they need to be face down so that I can't see the name on the stick.]

Student: "Mrs. Ridgeway, are you a little OCD?"
Me: "No, I don't think so."
Student: "Are you sure? You seem a little OCD."
Me: "I just believe everything has a place and I like to put things where they belong."
Student: "Obsessively?"
Me: "No, just consciously."
Student: "Okay." Said with eyebrows raised and a doubtful expression. 

Now I'm pretty sure he's moving random things in my classroom just slightly to see if it will bother me or if I'll fix it. Haven't caught him at it yet, but I will.

These kids. Man, I love them.

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