Thursday, April 3, 2014


I am a strong believer in purposefulness. So, naturally, this blog will exist to serve a purpose. And if you're anything like me, you want to know the reason behind what you are reading, why it was written. So, I feel obligated to begin by sharing this blog's purpose with you.

I am a lover of adventure, travel being my favorite. Though I fully believe that adventures can be found each and every day, even in seemingly mundane tasks. They can be found in learning a new skill, meeting new people, even trying a new restaurant. As long as there is a desire for adventure, I think it can be found, even if you aren't traveling half way across the world [though I'll take any excuse to do so!]. As long as you are awake and alert, adventure awaits!

As college graduation is approaching, I know some great adventures are just around the corner. This may require moving away from family and friends, so this blog will serve a two-fold purpose.
1. To document all of the everyday adventures to look back on in the future
2. To keep family and friends in the know about what is happening in our lives

Sound simple enough?

I hope to keep things interesting and share pictures whenever possible. I'll also try to keep things short, I know you all live busy lives!


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