Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celebrating the American way!

I do have to say, Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. What can be better than celebrating American freedom with cookouts and fireworks? I would challenge, nothing. Plus, it is always an adventure! I can't think of one Fourth of July that wasn't memorable in some way. I mean, really, the combination of men (and some of you ladies) and things that go "boom!" - how can it not be eventful? It is always a good time spent with family and friends!

Yesterday, Adam and I had our first South Dakota Fourth, and believe me, they did not disappoint us! Not that we thought they would in any way. We were actually really looking forward to it. If you spend just one  day walking around town and talking to the locals, you just feel the umption, the need to satisfy your patriotic pride by uttering a deep, belly rumbling, "'merica!" And that is on any regular, normal day. It is great! So, naturally, we knew that when it came to taking a day to celebrate the establishment of our great nation and our freedom, they might just step it up.

And boy did they ever! The amount of fireworks that were lit off last night was simply astounding. Not only by our party hosts, but by the town at large. Where we sat on the lake, you could see fireworks going off all around. And I'm not just talking about firecrackers and bottle rockets. I'm talking large, stadium style firework shows. It was great!

But I do have to say, our party hosts had quite the show! I was thoroughly impressed! They just know how to throw a good party in general though. I'd say they are definitely gifted when it comes to hospitality. Quite a number of the guests were people from our church, so we got the chance to hang out and fellowship, getting to know some of them a little bit better. And the food - let's just say I probably won't need to eat for the next week. Double thumbs up!

Wanna know what topped it all off? We got to take a helicopter ride. A helicopter ride! Yep, I'd say we had a great Fourth of July. Thank you to all who made it possible!

Happy birthday America! You're pretty great!

Getting this man to just smile is nearly impossible. So horray for goofy faces. And how do you like that shirt!? :)

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