Friday, August 15, 2014

Thoughts on lesson planning

I don't know how your brain works. Sometimes I wish I did, just to get a bit of perspective. But here is some insight into mine.

My brain operates in short, quick spurts of pure genius (ok, maybe not genius...) followed by literally mind numbing blankness. Seriously. I'll have a great idea and everything will come together and make sense. The trick is writing it down before the emptiness overtakes it. If I don't get it all out on paper before the wall comes shooting up, it's just gone and I am back to staring at a blank page.

I'm currently working on a lesson for our middle schoolers for Sunday. I have a curriculum to work with and spark ideas from (thank goodness!), but I've been reading it over and thinking about it for three days. I was just struggling to tie it all together and make a solid message out of it. Finally, yesterday morning, my epiphany came. It actually hit me while I was in the shower. I find I do quite a bit of quality thinking in the shower. Anyway, I kept rehearsing it over and over in my head until I got to the office so I could write it all down. Now, I have a mostly planned lesson. I'm still working on a conclusion, I'll just have to wait for the next spark of genius. ((As far as the genius goes, I'm totally kidding...I don't know how well sarcasm is read over the internet...))

But you know what really does the thinking and planning process a lot of good? Solid prayer. I believe that God has great things for these kids, and that it is His Word that will impact their hearts and minds. So, I'll put a whole bunch of prayer into this lesson and into those kiddos. Because you know, they deserve it. They deserve the best that I can give them, and I'll trust that God has the perfect words for them to hear.

And hey, to you pastors (like my husband) who put in all the effort to write and prepare sermons every week, cuddos to you! I applaud you and I am inspired by your hard work and dedication to bring forth God's Word. Thank you for all that you do!

And if you are reading this and have some wisdom to share as far as that prep work goes, please share. I'd love to hear some of your insight!

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