Thursday, May 14, 2015

One Year | 5.3.15

One year.

One WHOLE year.


Recently, Adam and I celebrated the one year anniversary of our move to South Dakota and our transition from school into full time ministry. Honestly, that day we didn't even realize it was THE day until it was almost over. It had been a crazy, hectic, over-scheduled Sunday and we were exhausted and waiting for a special evening service to be over so that we could go home and crash. But then the realization came. We had been here for one whole year.

Now of course that calls for celebration! So some of our favorite people, a couple we never would have known had we not stumbled upon this position, a couple who we love dearly and learn from everyday, took us out for a late night snack party.

And it wasn't a huge deal. We didn't have any strikingly profound realizations or mind-blowing epiphanies. We didn't party for hours. We just sat and talked about life for 20 minutes or so, then went home. It was simple and it was wonderful. And it makes me so happy that this is what the last year of my life has led up to. Sitting and enjoying deepening relationships with amazing people.

I hope and pray that each year leads to more of that.

Heres to one whole year!

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