Monday, July 27, 2015


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I'm not sure that there are enough words to wholly and completely describe this past week of camp.

Adam and I, as well as our entire church staff, had been planning and praying for this week for months now. As our first solo week-long camp endeavor, this past week has been a big deal for all of us and for our church. Not only is it both the climax of our summer and the kick-off into the rest of the year, but it was also our first go as camp directors (yikes!). It has been the somewhat terrifying mountain looming in the distance all year. This camp was a shift in routine. We changed things up. Of course, we wanted it to go well - you always want camp to go well, but there was a bit of (positive) pressure for it to be spectacular.

And it was more than any of us could have ever dreamed. All of it, from the activities to the food, the students to the services, it was all unimaginably wonderful.

Our biggest and most repeated prayer was that our students would meet with God this past week - that He would speak and they would listen, that their lives would be radically altered and shaped by a one on one encounter with their Almighty Father. Let me tell you, that prayer was answered. God showed up and our amazing students were ready.

It was beautiful to watch. I stood in the back, completely overcome by their worship. Every day, they lifted their hands until they couldn't any longer, they sang until their voices were hoarse. They prayed with each other, they prophesied over each other, and they waited in the Lord's presence to hear from Him. He called them deeper and they dove right in.

It was nothing we did. It was all God. He showed up, He made camp what it was this year. And I am so thankful! So, if you prayed for us this week, thank you. We felt those prayers every step of the way. Our God is so good, is He not?

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