Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All moved in and ready to go

Well, we made it.

The long trek from South Dakota to West Virginia is over. Jordan helped me pack out the car, load up the pups, and drive the 1,000+ miles/20+ hours. Well, really I helped him drive, as he did the bulk of it. But, hey - who's counting.

We arrived yesterday afternoon so I had plenty of time to unpack and move back into my childhood bedroom. It looks quite different from the last time I lived here. All the walls are blank rather than covered in the myriad of posters I had hung. ...and there aren't clothes everywhere or stuffed animals jammed into every available crevice. It is now an adult's room! - yeah right. It's actually pretty bare. But as I'll be sharing this room with two dogs, I'd prefer it that way. Plenty of room for everyone :)

Tonight my family and I are heading to my grandma's. She'll be dropping us off at the airport in the morning for our flight to Curacao. I am so ready for some tropical relaxation!

Move to WV - check

Unpack - check

Quickly press on to the next adventure - check

I'm coming for you, sunshine!

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