Monday, July 18, 2016

An ode to friendship & family

...although this isn't really an ode, I suppose. An ode is meant to be poetic. And sung. This will meet neither requirement. But it's a catchy title, so sue me :)

Adam and I seriously have the best support system. We have not one, but two flesh and blood families that have encouraged us, loved us, and pushed us through all our lives. Throughout this process of transitioning to the Army, they have been so wonderful! They have spoken wisdom and offered guidance when needed. They have devoted so much time to writing letters to Adam and praying for us. I am incredibly thankful for all that they have done for us in the last few months.

We also have a wonderful group of friends. All throughout our married lives, Adam and I have lived a minimum of 16 hours away from our blood relatives. During all that time, I've been amazed at how God has created "family" for us in those places - He's given us beloved friends who are close by and provide all the nearness of family without actually being related. Inevitably, we've moved on from those particular locations, leaving behind those we love. But just like family, those are bonds that won't be broken anytime soon. No matter how much time passes between actually hugging their necks and laughing uncontrollably at each other's ridiculous stories and antics, we find it so simple to settle back into the routine of genuine friendship.  Again, just like family, their imprint on our hearts is here to stay. We haven't left them behind, we've only said so long for now. Now, we have the incredible privilege to have a family that spans multiple generations, numerous backgrounds, so many states, and even a few time zones.

One such branch of our family, some of those hailing from the great state of South Dakota, were willing and able to join us for Adam's graduation this weekend. They drove 13+ hours to spend less than twelve with us. Again, I am so thankful for their loving support.

Guys, you are awesome. And, we take adorable pictures.

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