Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weekend Adventures | Winnipeg, Manitoba

I mentioned before that I was anticipating my parents visiting soon. Well, they arrived safely last Thursday night. Since then we've had a good bit of fun.

After service on Sunday, we took a quick jaunt up to Winnipeg, Manitoba for the weekend. Since Sunday is technically a work day for us, we have Mondays off, so my weekend extends a bit into the normal work week...and Adam and I may have played hooky on Tuesday. Well, actually we did have permission. So really we just took a day off.

Anyway, Winnipeg. I loved it. It may be frigid, but they don't care. The cold doesn't stop those Canadians from heading outside and having a good time. On Monday, we bundled up and headed to the The Forks to experience the Red River Mutual Trail.

The Red River freezes in the winter, so the great people of Winnipeg turn it into a skating, walking, sledding, and having fun trail. They plow the snow off and bring out a zamboni to smooth out the ice. There are hockey rinks, and little art exhibits set up along the trail. While we were there, a soccer field had been set up to play ice soccer. The Festival du Voyageur was going on this past week too, so there was also a bit of the river sectioned off with a bar and food truck. There were even little fire pits to sit by to get warm. ALL on ice!

There were people everywhere skating, chatting, walking their dogs, and playing hockey. I thought it was a brilliant way to spend a wintery holiday.

My childhood dream of skating on a frozen river finally came true. I always forget just how much I enjoy ice skating. Then I put those skates on my feet and start gliding down the ice, oh I really do love it. Adam on the other hand, well, let's just say it isn't his favorite winter activity. But he was a good sport and skated along the trail with me. Meanwhile, my mom was browsing the shops at The Forks and my dad was people watching by the fire pits at the bar. I believe we all had just a splendid time.

So if you ever find yourself in Winnipeg in the middle of February, head down to the Red River, grab a pair of skates, and have way too much fun!

What did you do this weekend?

Now enjoy some candid shots brought to you all the way from Canada.

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  1. beautiful photos! looks so lovely... what a great wintery holiday. ps: loving your blog!

  2. It looks so cold!!! - but like so much fun!