Monday, February 23, 2015

Little Miss Ginny

Meet Virginia.

We call her Ginny.

She's the newest member of the Ridgeway family - and as you can see, she's adorable.
She is a (almost) 7 week old black lab. So far, she enjoys chewing on everything, sleeping on (only!) the couch, and stealing Buck's toys and food. 

Buck is still in the process of accepting her into the family. He's not so sure what to do with her, but he mostly ignores her. I'm hopeful that he'll start playing with her soon. The poor guy is used to always being the center of attention. So it'll be an adjustment. 
I'm making sure to give him plenty of extra kisses though.

Adam has high hopes that she'll be his fierce pheasant hunting pup. We've already seen her give a good point at birds in the yard. Both her folks were hunters, so she has a pretty sure future.

As far as puppies go, she's been relatively easy. She sleeps well at night with minimal crying and she's picked up pretty well that I don't like it when she piddles on my carpet. But she's still little. She has plenty of time to fall into her older brother's footsteps and reek tons of puppy havoc. 

I like watching her toddle around and jump off things. She's also got an adorable little bark when she's feeling especially playful. 

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My pups run my feed. So be prepared for an overload of cuteness.

I'm now realizing that Buck has never gotten his own post on here. I'll have to remedy that soon. 

Enjoy your week!