Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goals

Shew! It feels like February flew by! It was here one minute and gone the next. I had so many things to accomplish that I didn't even bother to write a goals list. I just wanted to get moved into our new house and stay sane.

So, I'm welcoming in the new month with a fresh attempt at meeting some goals. And here they are:

1. Meet my neighbors - Again, we just moved. I am terrible at purposefully meeting new people. And you know how after a while it just gets awkward to go introduce yourself? I mean, what do you say? "Hi, I'm your neighbor. I moved in a year ago, I've waved to you as I've brought my trash in a few times, and my dog may have pooped in your front yard once or twice. Nice to meet you." Really. So, this month I want to make some cookies and knock on some front doors. I've been called to this community, time to go and meet them.

2. Get all the empty boxes out of my house - If it doesn't happen now it never will. I can hear that captor from Taken's voice in my head, "Good luck." *Gulp*

3. Send my brother one rocking birthday care package - He's the best little bro in the whole wide world and I think his day of birth is one to be totally celebrated! Since I can't be there, I want to send him something awesome. So, I'm on the lookout for some cool stuff to add to his box of goodies. Got suggestions for a care-free 20 year old guy? Send 'em my way!

4. Plan out 5 meals each week - Meal planning is one of my (many!) weaknesses. I'll do it for one week, then the next we'll just be scrounging up whatever we can find around the kitchen - or worse, grabbing some fast food. Adam and I have been wanting to eat healthier and I really think that starts with actually deciding ahead of time what we'll be eating. And I'm going with 5 meals a week because we don't really eat dinner on Wednesdays (youth group night) and that gives one free night for leftovers/eating out/dinner partying.

What are you trying to accomplish in March?


  1. Awesome goals!
    I love that you're wanting to celebrate your brother's birthday with a care package! He'll love it.

    And I love/hate planning.
    I enjoy doing it.
    But we always get out of rhythm somehow!

  2. Neighbors and boxes - two of the most difficult things! :) We live in a sort of rough part of town which has actually brought the neighbors out into community with each other - something we're really grateful for. I'm such an introvert with a strong desire to be in relationship with people, so it's hard to convey the notion that I actually want to be a part of their lives, haha!

    I wish you the best in reaching out this month! Even if you only meet one neighbor, it still counts!

    This month, my husband and I are starting our vegetable garden. We're also in the process of cleaning up the back yard - which will probably take us an entire month to accomplish. :)

  3. I hate doing the planning (plus the grocery shopping), but I love the accomplished feeling afterward. It is a struggle though!

  4. Thank you! It makes me nervous to even think about it, but I so want to know my neighbors.

    Oh, I have dreams of starting a vegetable garden! Although with all the other things we want to do to and around our house, it probably won't happen this year. Good luck with your back yard! I totally understand the process :)