Monday, March 16, 2015

Half-a-home Tour

We moved into our first home almost two months ago, and I have been promising pictures to family and friends that whole time. Yesterday it was so warm and beautifully sunny, I finally got around to snapping a few.

Please do keep in mind that decorations are still sparse - we're fresh off the college/rental market so decor has never been high on the to-do list before. It is a work in progress. And I'm only showing off the first floor because the upstairs is still in need of furniture. It's basically two and a half empty rooms with a mattresses plopped in the middle. Not much to see up there :)

So here we go...

Here she is. I always wanted a quaint, little, yellow house. So really, this little baby is my dream house. I'm looking forward to doing a bit of landscaping and adding some greenery out front to give her a bit of curb appeal.

Some views of our living room. That big, red couch is our newest addition. 
Let's play a game. Take a look around my house and see if you can determine my favorite color? 

Yes, the picture frame is off center. Like I said, the couch is new. Things used to be centered.
I'd love to turn that wall into a gallery wall. We'll see how that goes.

I do love this kitchen. I've got so much counter space, and the big windows let in so much light!
I want to re-paint in here. I'm thinking grey cabinets and light yellow walls. Any thoughts?

Let's just say the bathroom is a little quirky. There are a few things that make you tilt your head and question, "why?" But it is what it is.  
However, as old as the house is (it was built in 1904), 
quirky would be a good word to describe it as a whole.

There you go. Our home.

We've got quite a number of projects planned to spruce it up a bit, 
but I couldn't imagine being happier with our purchase. 


  1. Love that last photo of your little family! :)

    I love the face of your home! It looks so happy and sweet! I bet once the warmer weather kicks in for you, those shrubs out front will add some color. :) Do you know what they are?

    Gray cabinets and yellow walls? Sounds like a recipe for a happy kitchen! I love window light in kitchens. That was something I was desperate for after living in an apartment for so many years. I love looking out the window across from our sink and seeing our tea cup magnolia and cardinals flying about. :)

  2. Thanks so much! We really do love it!

    I don't have a clue what the shrubs are, but I'm certainly looking forward to finding out once spring comes around! I'm hoping to add some evergreens out front as well. That way we can keep some color even in the winter :)

    Hooray for windows and natural light! I know what you mean! Every rental we've been in has been sooooo dark. It is just so great to live somewhere light and airy for a change.