Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekending | "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya"

This weekend was packed FULL. 
Friend dates. Card games. The zoo. Puppies. Plays. Sunday Funday. Decorating.
We had so much fun though. It may have been busy but I really wouldn't mind if every other weekend looked somewhat similar to this one. 

Pictured above you'll see

1. It was Free Zoo Day (or according to Adam, "Free the zoo day"), so we picked up our favorite small child and went to see the animals. Doesn't my husband make the best goldy locks? It's the red beard that really completes the look.

2. Somebody, or two somebodies, took some lovely selfies on my phone while I was preoccupied with Sunday Funday. I love these ladies and their funny faces. As for Sunday Funday, we played life-sized Hungry, Hungry, Hippos and Bible Family Feud. Yes, our church is the best.

3. Look at my babies getting along. Ginny likes to sleep in Buck's kennel because it's his. Now Buck likes to sleep in his kennel because Ginny likes it. While their reasoning makes me laugh, it's a total win for me! 

4. I finally took the time to pull out all the goodies my folks brought me from my childhood bedroom back in WV.  I played around with different arrangements for an hour or so on Saturday and Adam finally hung them all this afternoon. Now I finally have a gallery wall above my couch. 
I'll be sharing more pictures of that soon :)

5. Saturday night we got to see one of our middle school students perform in her school's production of Annie. It was quite an enjoyable show.

What did you do this weekend? 

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